Tendon Rupture

Tendon Rupture

Tendon rupture

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A tendon is the connective tissue which connects a muscle to bone. The tendon is made up of dense collagen fibres and designed to transfer tremendous forces to allow muscles to move the bone it is attached to. When the forces are too great, particularly when the muscle belly is in a stretched or elongated position, the tendon can tear. The tendon may strain, partially tear, or completely rupture. Tendons can also become injured when they sustain “micro-tears” from repetitive use, or if there are bony spurs rubbing on them. Commonly injured tendons include the biceps tendon at the elbow and pectoralis major tendon at the shoulder.

Common areas for dislocations are the shoulder and AC (acromioclavicular) joints. The elbow can dislocate with high energy injuries.

If the tendon is only strained or partially torn, it may be treated non-operatively with physiotherapy and rest. A rehabilitation program may allow you to gradually return to pre-injury activity.

If the tendon is completely ruptured, then Dr Yu may recommend surgery. Depending on how old the tear is, then this operation will involve repairing or reconstructing the tendon and reattaching it to the bone using surgical anchors or buttons.

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